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Standard or Customized Services?

Our challenge...
At UNETY, we want to provide our clients with everything they need for an effective presence on the Internet. Anything less than that is just not enough to ensure their success. Sounds simple? Yes, but ...
As software tools and platforms evolve, things that were hard / expensive to provide before are now simple / inexpensive— maybe even free. Our services are structured to tap into these constantly evolving tools and techniques so our clients can take advantage of these changes.

UNETY's Standard Services

Our standard services are like commodities—they are interchangeable with other services of the same type. We do the research; we find the best. We build them into our solutions. We call these our standard services.

Hosting is a good example of a standard service at UNETY ...
In 1995, during the early years of our company and of the Internet, there really were no reliable 3rd party hosting companies. So, we provided hosting to our clients from our own data center in Naperville, IL. We had roughly 70 Windows servers, multiple high-speed T1 connections, a tie-in to an on-site generator in case of power failure, and after-hours system support via pagers. This enabled us to provide hosting for several hundred clients.
The situation is quite different today. Many massively large scale data centers offer 24x7x365 staff support with retinal scan security access, multiple vendor bandwidth sources, even multiple power grid taps. They have been able to do an excellent job with better reliability and lower costs than we could offer. Our response? UNETY moved our clients to their data center at no charge and then lowered our rates. Our customers were thrilled and so were we, as our expenses dropped and our quality improved.
Other examples of some of UNETY's many standard services ...
  • hosting plans, including:

    • shared, virtual dedicated, or dedicated servers
    • Linux or Windows platforms
    • additional bandwith or disk space
    • dedicated IP addresses, subdomains, aliases, forwarding
    • traffic statistics
  • domain names services, like:

    • registration
    • privacy protection
    • backorders
    • appraisals
    • business registrations
    • certified domains
  • SSL certificates, including:

    • atuomated, manual, or extensive verification
    • various encryption levels
    • different warranties
  • email services, including:

    • web-based email
    • hosted exchange servers
    • group contact manager
    • group calendar
    • fax through email
    • email marketing services
  • marketing tools, including:

    • hosted shopping carts
    • search engine visibility
    • site surveys
    • quick blogcasts
  • high-speed, dedicated connections, including:

    • T1 circuits
    • telephone circuits
    • 800 numbers
    • bandwidth tools
    • PBXs
    • physical site design and installation
When you get these services through UNETY, you have the peace of mind of knowing you are getting the best-of-breed quality for the lowest cost. And you don't have to become a technical whiz to do it.

To see our prices or purchase any of our standard services, click here and visit us at:

UNETY's Custom Services

Custom services vary greatly depending on the person that does the work. No two people would do it the same way; no two projects would be identical. Custom services tap into the creative, human skill set that machines can't emulate. At UNEY, we think this is where the fun is!
For a high-quality job ...
Custom work usually requires one or more of the following:
  • artistic design skills,
  • programming skills,
  • writing skills,
  • marketing/communictions skills,
  • and even business management savvy.
Here are some examples of custom UNETY services ...
  • website development, with:

    • html, javascript, CSS, Flash, PHP & ColdFusion
    • custom graphics design
    • flash and gif animations
    • database design/develop/maintenance
  • business technology consulting
  • computer technology training
  • curriculum development and delivery

This is where UNETY really stands out compared to the competition. When you hire UNETY, you get our talent, experience, and knowledge, but you also get our dedication and commitment to you and your company's success. It's a rare combination and it really works well.

Take a look at the Archives for specific examples or talk to our clients. It's a convincing track record.

To get a quote for any of our custom services, just give us a call (630-955-9500) or send us an email to: We'd love to talk to you about your putting the Web to work for your business.