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There can be no doubt that the main, guiding force behind the company has come from the hands-on leadership provided by Sandra Wearne, UNETY's President and CEO. This has created a stability and longevity enjoyed by few other Internet firms.
If you read through the recommendations below, you will begin to get a sense of the quality and significance of Sandra's involvement in UNETY Systems.
In addition, over the years, UNETY Systems has directly employed well over 200 people in roles ranging from student interns, trainees, software developers, online marketers, systems, accountants, sales, independent consultants, and business development. Each one has made important and valued contributions during their tenure. We would like to thank each person, past, present or future, for their many positive contributions to our customers and to building our company.



“I have seen Sandra in many different roles: As an award winning small business owner of UNETY Systems she runs a very creative and very powerful business. I've seen Sandra as a great motivator, too. She and I were charged to turn a poorly attended local chamber expo into a more energetic, well-attended event. She is a critical thinker and will challenge those around her to achieve more. Her determination is contagious. I would recommend her in many different scenarios.”


“Sandra is a skilled guide in leading both groups and individuals through the complexities of technical challenges and change. Whether she has been hired as a paid consultant or her time is donated to an organization, Sandra delivers a work product of the highest quality. She is a thoughtful, knowledgeable colleague and I am delighted to recommend her as a resource.”


“I have worked closely with Sandra during my time at Acme Window Coverings. UNETY Systems hosted our website and email with great reliability. If I am ever in a position to look for a web hosting company again, I wouldn't hesitate to contact UNETY Systems.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


“I recommend Unety Systems, and specifically Sandra Wearne, for delivering a high quality deliverable based on the needs and wants of their customers. I found them to be unique in the field based on their very capable technical knowledge and skills combined with a rich, artistic perspective. If you are looking for a solution that sets you apart from others, then you should talk with Sandra Wearne.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


“I would like to put in the highest possible recommendation for Sandra's technical skills, and especially for her teaching skills. I have known her for many years, taken her classes at IIT, and worked for her as an instructor. She makes it fun and easy to learn even complex technical subjects. She is highly organized, speaks clearly, and is well respected by her students, employees, employers, and peers. And when it comes to the finer points of leveraging technology for business improvement, Sandra really gets it!'”


“I have known Sandra for several years as a member of our women's networking group. Most of us are in marketing, sales or finance so technology can be challenging. Sandra has provided us with extensive, on-going guidance, assistance and training on many Internet and computer-related issues.


“Sandra reported to me for several years at AT&T Bell Labs facility in Naperville, IL. She handled both analytic and development tasks with a high level of professionalism. My group was one of the first to bring Unix workstation technology into Bell Labs and she was instrumental in vendor evaluations that ultimately led to our entire division’s adoption of the technology. This led to lab-wide networking issues and her participation included specifications that are referenced to this day. A bright bulb!”