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We are proud to present the designs and stories behind some of the website we've designed for our clients ...

Dec '10 Case Study: Website Design for Keyless Entry Locks

The Story Behind the Site

We are proud to announce...

In September of 2010, we re-designed an e-commerce website: and the results have been fantastic: sales have more than doubled since!

How did we do it?

This website has been ranked #1 in Google under our high priority keywords for the past 10-years so it gets a lot of visitors. But until we re-designed the website, we weren't converting our visitors into customers as effectively.

The new website has all the features you would expect in today's e-commerce websites, and then some like:
  • unlimited categories, products, options, sales
  • internationalshipping charges calculated in real-time with USPS, UPS and/or FedEx based on weight and destination address
  • multiple payment types (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Am Ex, PayPal) 
  • integrated opt-in email marketing
  • special tools to show who's online, what they are viewing,  what's in their shopping cart, and how long they since they last clicked
  • WYSIWYG editing modes which make changing content a breeze, even for non-programmers
  • a handy "Featured Items" and a "Best Sellers" panel for soft suggestive selling
  • a "Quick Reorder" panel to encourage recurring revenue 
  • volume discounts for orders with multiple products 
  • banner ads
  • tax tables
  • address zones
  • moderated customer reviews and rating on individual products

What's our favorite new feature? 

Without a doubt, our favorite new feature is the "4 Easy Ways to Save Money" panel that shows on the main page. It's friendly, color, easy to understand, and really stands out! 

Best of all, the money-saving ideas it contains are a WIN/WIN. They explain ways that our customers can save money and so can we. Like big discounts for buying in volume or referring  friends and family. 

And the popular Bargain Bin points out the best deals of all -- almost new locks with full warranties and slight cosmetic blemishes.  So if you're planning on putting one of these locks on a gate or fence or even barn door, and want to save some money, this is a great way to go.

And don't forget the video!

The website has another new section: "Watch & Learn Quick Video Series" where we are uploading short videos demonstrating the things that people call and ask us about the most, like how to set the combination. It's hard to explain in writing, but once they see the video, they are good to go. These videos have reduced customer service costs and cut down the returns, so we are going to do more of them.

So, take a look and let us know what you think!

For more information about the or to purchase one of their locks, contact the Keyless Locks Store at Toll-Free: (866) 586-0131.

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