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May '10 Case Study: Website Design for BMI Surgery

The Story Behind the Site

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We've released a fabulous new website for BMI Surgery in Joliet, IL and it is getting wonderful reviews from the doctors, staff, and patients.


1. Dramatically improved "look":

  • more appropriate color scheme ("surgical" blue)
  • more relevant images
  • appealing and appropriate animations
  • consistent fonts, colors, styles, headings, footer, etc. across the site

2. Greatly simplified navigation:

  • know where you are at all times
  • go where you want in 1 or 2 clicks
  • know where you will land BEFORE you jump
  • find what you are looking for quickly & easily

3. Whole new, patient-centered branding:

  • changed from presenting facts about the medical practise to providing information for the patients, e.g.,their questions & concerns.
  • Animated theme:

    • It's about YOU ...
    • It's about your HEALTH ...
    • It's about your FAMILY ...
    • It's about your LIFE!

4. Social media marketing designed in from the start

  • to allow patients to spread the word, make referrals, act as an example
  • to increase advertising effectiveness and simultaneously reduce costs
  • to tap into current nationwide trend for more effective weight loss programs
  • to provide community support and entertainment value as patients lose weight

5. Upgraded technology:

  • video
  • animations
  • flash
  • SSL
  • e-commerce
  • patient newsletters
  • email campaigns
  • & more

For more information about BMI Surgery, visit their website or contact Vicki Funk, BMI Surgery, (815) 723-8571.
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