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Mar '11 Case Study: Website Design for Allwin Powersports

The Story Behind the Site

They're back...

You may have noticed that in July of 2010, we published an entry about Allwin PowerSports Corp. coming out of their shell to distribute high-end LS2 motorcycle helmets in the US and Canada.

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Well, their new helmet designs are ready to go and they are fantastic! Just take a look at the FF385 FT2 Liberty
design (image to the left).

Also ready is their warehousing and shipping operations in their corporate headquarters just outside of Chicago.

They've even shown off their products at the industry's trade show in February, 2011.

Along with all that activity, of course, is the work to be done to build out the website.  Allwin PowerSports has asked us to do this and we were delighted to comply.

When complete, the new website will sport full E-Commerce capability. Dealers will be able to view the entire LS2 Helmet product line, select the ones they want to carry in their stores, and purchase them online with their pre-authorized dealer accounts.

The general public will be able to view the helmets, but not see the pricing, since Allwin Motor Sports only sells wholesale, not retail.

If you're curious, the new line of  helmets has already been uploaded to the website, so go ahead and take a look. Let us know what you think!

For more information about Allwin PowerSports or the new LS2 Helmets, visit their website or contact Chun Liu at: 630-236-2366.

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