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We are proud to present the designs and stories behind some of the website we've designed for our clients ...

About Us

UNETY Systems was founded in 1995,

Sandra Wearne
President & CEO
UNETY Systems, Inc.

just as the Internet and the Web were exploding. We have been providing design, development, and delivery services for "all things Internet" for our clients ever since then.  That makes us one of the most experienced Internet design firms in business today.

Sandra & friend Chico
hard at work reading a new novel
by client Bill Reamer in preparation
for designing his website.
UNETY Systems was founded by Sandra L. Wearne. Sandra has a dual background in fine art (BA) and software engineering (MS). Prior to starting UNETY, she developed software for a wide range of companies, including AT&T Bell Laboratories, the University of Illinos Academic Computer Center, and Mortorola.

Sandra working on a tough assignment -
a helicopter flight over the North Shore and
O'Hare's flight control towers,
with aerial photographer John Hill
and ace helicopter pilot
Erich Schmid of U.S. Helicopters

Sandra's hands-on leadership, close working relationship with her clients and employees, and her commitment to high-quality products and service is rarely seen in the industry. The result is that many clients have been with UNETY for 5, 10, even 15 years.