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Nov '11 Case Study: Website Re-Design for K & S Engineers, Inc.

The Story Behind the Site

Champagne tastes & beer budget?

In this economy, this is true for many of us!

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A simple website design solved the budget problem nicely for K & S Engineers, a geo-
technical and geo-environmental engineering consulting services firm with offices in Illinois
and Indiana.

The site design consists of just one page.
Menus across the top allow visitors to bring up new information on the left side of a light beige area in the center of the page, giving the illusion of multiple pages. The collage of industry-specific images from the firm's archives remain the same on each page and tell an important part of their story visually.

Visitors tell us...
The colors, images, and strong 3D diagonal effects make an otherwise dry and difficult-to-explain set of professional services look interesting and, yes, even attractive! And the photos solve another important and difficult problem, namely communicating what the company is all about to visitors who are not familiar with technical nomenclature. With just one quick glance at the pictures, most people can tell what this firm does without a PhD in civil engineering.
In addition, dynamically-controlled, collapsible panels were used in an "earth and soil" color scheme of brown and green. These panels expand and contract with a mouse click, a technique that limits the amount of information displayed to only what is needed, when it is needed.

This makes the site easy-to-use and cuts down development costs.

Original website before re-design
So, is this an improvement from the original website?
So far, people have really liked the new site design, but the changes are especially dramatic when you take a look at what we started with.  Do you think there's a big difference? What strikes you? What do you like and/or dislike about each?

The original home page is shown at right and it's pretty much what all the pages looked like. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Lastly, a word about on-going costs...
This re-design was done for a fraction of the original website design, but the savings don't stop there.  This new site will be less expensive going forward, too. On-going maintenance and hosting fees will be reduced because the code is smaller, better organized, and easier to maintain.

These are just a few of our techniques...
These are just a few of the many cost-savings techniques routinely used in website designs by UNETY Systems which we have developed over more than 15 years of professional web development.

You are invited...
We would be be delighted if you would visit the new K & S Engineers website and see for yourself, then let us know your opinion in the comments section below.
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