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Jan '11 Case Study: Website Design for Tigerhill Studio

The Story Behind the Site

A New Year - A New Look, Finally!

One of our all-time favorite sites to work on, based on the stunning photographic images, is the website for Tigerhill Studio. This month, we were delighted to get a chance to take the site to a new level of both design and usability.

We had inherited the basic site design years ago and along with it, the masthead colors and layout. These had not been changed in many years and we had done our best to work within the existing framework.

Finally, this month, we were given a chance to do things "our way,"  as long as we did not go too crazy.

And here are the results:

  1. Hundreds of high-quality digital aerial and architectural photographs.
  2. Twelve themed photo/video  galleries, each more breathtaking than the previous one. 
  3. Over-image Previous and Next arrows for quick navigation
  4. Enlarged thumbnails at bottom for quick, intuitive navigation
  5. "Table top" image reflections on a black background
  6. Pencil line borders
  7. Automatic image captions and image names read from camera metadata
  8. Ken Burns style transitions
  9. Drop down menus on main screen
  10. Spry menu tabs and accordion controls on pop up windows
  11. Simplified navigation with less interesting utility pages converted to small pop ups.
All  the above features were designed with one purpose in mind: focus the visitor's attention on the photographs. Make the visit an experience. Make the site entertaining.

Did we achieve it? Why don't you be the judge!

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