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Jul '10 Case Study: Website Design for Allwin Powersports

The Story Behind the Site

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We've just released a very cool website to distribute LS2 Helmets in North America. The reaction we're hearing: WOW!


1. This was a rare case ...

We got to start from scratch... well, almost.
Our client, Allwin Powersports, was just starting up a business in Illinois to distribute a brand new line of motorcycle helmets designed in Europe, created in China. They planned to distribute these helmets exclusively in North America.
That meant no legacy to deal with, no problems to overcome. How fun is that!

2. The requirements ...

The new line of helmets was not yet ready, so the requirements we got were fairly short. Just:
  1. tell the story of Allwin Powersports (who they are, really)
  2. show off the new product line
  3. provide a way for dealers to sign up.
Sounds simple, right? Oh, yes, and do it in a week or two—the first magazine ads were already being printed.

3. The reality...

As easy as all that sounds, the reality was just a little different, once we took a closer look:
  1. No product meant no photos, so showing off the product was going to be a challenge.
  2. Dealer sign ups meant capturing dealer contact information and email addresses in a database so that they could be fed into the email marketing campaign messages.
  3. Email marketing campaigns meant providing a way let dealers pre-order product for a certain length of time at a percentage discount.

4. That meant we needed a website:

  • with an opt-in/opt-out email newsletter
  • that integrated with a shopping cart
  • which had the ability to display product photos, prices, and details
  • which could calculate sales tax for the appropriate state, based on shipping address
  • which could calculate shipping rates
  • which could accept credit cards, PO's, and check payments
  • which could handle back orders
  • and which could schedule special sale discounts for a given time span

5. So here's what we did...

  1. As soon as the first helmet arrived in the States, the client took some photos of it with a point-and-shoot camera on a brown cardboard box outside in the daylight.

  2. click to view:

  3. We photoshopped out the background, cleaned up the reflections, and sharpened the edges.
  4. We then built a prototype design for the main page of the website that built upon the concepts in the existing ad campaign, i.e., that idea that the helmet and indeed the client's firm was "coming out of it's shell". This meant that people who saw the ad and came to the site would recognize the brand image
  5. This cut down significantly on design time and let us get onto development much sooner.
  6. We selected an open source shopping cart that had all the features required and added the custom modifications.
  7. We published the new site several days a head of schedule.
So, take a look and let us know what you think!
For more information about Allwin Powersports or the new LS2 Helmets, visit their website or contact Chun Liu at: 630-236-2366.
To learn what we can do for your company, contact us at:
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