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Dec '11 Case Study: Website Design for La France Café & Crêpes

The Story Behind the Site

La France Cafe's new website - to be released in Jan 2012

Do you love French cuisine?

Then you will love looking at the crepes on this website! And they taste as good as they look!

Fabulous Fun

Designing this website was fabulously fun because of the friendly and flamboyant French Chef at La France Cafe and Crepes Restaurant, Chef Benjamin Mchabcheb. His love of good food, family and friends was a joy to capture.You just can't go there without some of his enthusiasm rubbing off on you.

The Design Objective

The main design objective for this site is to draw people into the restaurant. But how? After some long and hard market research that involved sampling many of the dishes on his menu, we finally came up with a good plan of action:
La France Cafe's new website - to be released in Jan 2012
  • First, we needed to show visitors what these lovely dishes actually looked like, as the items on the menu are not daily fare for most Chicagoans.
  • Next, we needed to show how friendly the establishment is, as some people are a little timid about trying French food.
  • And very importantly, we needed to let everyone know how affordable the prices are to counter the perception that all French food is expensive.

Before Shot



And the results?

Well, the site is not completed yet, but you can see where we are heading from the photos we have included here. Do you think we will meet our design goals? If not, we are definitely prepared to return for some more "market research". Enter your vote in the comments section below.

A sneak preview of things to come

Here are some of the features that are currently under development, but be sure to check the live website in mid-January to see the final results:
  1. Ben's Delicious Crepes & Galettes photo slide show.
  2. Email Special Offers for discount coupons.
  3. Events Announcements for group gatherings for things like wine and food parings, French cooking demos, "Find a French Friend" Singles group, French Gourmet Cooking Club, and more.
  4. Gift Cards for family, friends and business acquaintances.
  5. Location/Direction via MapQuest.
Let us know if there are anymore you would like, too. 

Our hats off to Chef Benjamin

The entire UNETY Systems staff would like to extend our most grateful thanks to Chef Benjamin for hosting our Year-End/Holiday Party there this year! C'était fantastique!  Merci beaucoup, Chef Ben! You really have made us très, très joyeux!

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